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Hey, you made it to the blog! Welcome! This blog is all about creativity and inspiration. Whether it's sharing travel/personal photography (I got that darn travel bug a while ago), latest music, and client work from photography to marketing projects, I hope this blog makes you smile and spark some ideas.

[S K I N] - New Music

I was trying to remember the last time I wrote a song with someone else. Was it freshman year in high school? All I remember is that while my friends and I were still learning how to play our instruments, I thought everything sounded like the Beatles or Marcy's Playground with mediocre lyrics. Alright, and choppy playing too. It took me years to figure out what I really liked to play, and then, how to play guitar better.

Growing up a quiet introvert recording my music on a cassette tape (yes, cassette tape on a yellow Sony boombox!), I never really saw myself playing music with anyone else. I owe grad school a "thank you" and "hate you" all at once --- having been pained with writer's block for the first time in years, I was sent down a path of old YouTube videos --- why can't I write like THAT anymore? THAT was fun. THAT was easy. And, I couldn't do it anymore. I came across "The Vacation (a Walk Through the Foreign Land)", inspired by my first time in Hawaii and also the friends I spent time with on my trip. I scrolled down and there was the comment:

like i said, the music you make is as beautiful as the girl who writes it.. I feel privileged to have played guitar in that very same room :-D I have a new song out too.. check it out, i dedicated it to you!

Of course, it would strike a chord! You see, Brian and I have never lived in the same state, known each other well over 7 years, and only met in person a couple times (shout out to MySpace for the introduction). We don't keep in touch regularly, but it wouldn't be too long after watching that video that I saw a photo of him and his younger brother San Diego. For different reasons, Phil and I both desperately needed someone to play music with -- and it was practically perfect timing, Philip moving to San Diego. You can connect the dots from there with the video above. Phil is cool friend and jam partner, and I'm psyched to be making music again.