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Hey, you made it to the blog! Welcome! This blog is all about creativity and inspiration. Whether it's sharing travel/personal photography (I got that darn travel bug a while ago), latest music, and client work from photography to marketing projects, I hope this blog makes you smile and spark some ideas.

Salton of Thought

I could feel a hint of sweat on my brow, like the morning dew clinging to a flower petal. Bones cling to the shore, that they may be one day swept out to see again...the sea. This place has changed, so why do I still look for you? A vacant motel replaced by a yacht club. I thought you'd wait for me, but I'm found chasing the sun, and dancing in the dark. I won't hear nothin' more than the vibrations from my fingertips. Yet you leave your mark all the same, imprints, scratching at the surface. You were there all along, I see.

Photo collaboration with Jen Gold •
Until the film develops • Salton Sea, CA