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Lover's Leap • Lessons Leading

Three weeks ago, I found myself at Lover's Leap in Lake Tahoe, welcomed by crisp air, the smell of fresh pine, and steep beautiful granite. My fingers tingled with excitement for multi-pitch, but also for practicing gear placement, anchor building, and leading more. Although my friend Matt and I found ourselves queued up for climbs more than once at the Leap, it was no worries. We were there for cruiser pitches, climbing for fun, taking in the love, the view --- ah, the best kind of climbing. I was happy to switch leads for the first time (go me!) and not scare the sheezus out of my partner, seriously.

Each night at Lover's Leap, I couldn't shake the thought of coming back here again for a family camping trip. It was totally beautiful and accessible. At one point, I even pictured everyone meandering along the gentle but rushing water, following the trails. Particularly, I vividly pictured my little sister Desirae and her fiance Stephen walking past the campsite. Perhaps a little unusual, I didn't think much of it then. But the same week I came back from this trip (I came back on a Monday), Stephen unexpectedly passed away that Friday. It shook me. It still does...

I left Lover's Leap, looking forward to the return. A lovely conclusion to our trip, my friend and I found the most idyllic hot spring -- open space, not a worry in the clouds, and no crowds. The wind rustled the tall grass and the water weaved through my toes as I swirled my foot in spring. Yes, lovely.

Maybe it was the name, maybe it was the place, but Lover's Leap got me thinking about what areas in my life where I haven't fully taken the "leap". Life is short. Where am I not "all in" where I should be? What's holding me back from leaping? because you could. Leap.

Pictured below: Bear's Reach (5.7) on the Leap and Knapsack (5.4) and Deception (5.6) on Hogsback.