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Hey, you made it to the blog! Welcome! This blog is all about creativity and inspiration. Whether it's sharing travel/personal photography (I got that darn travel bug a while ago), latest music, and client work from photography to marketing projects, I hope this blog makes you smile and spark some ideas.

Whistler While You Don't Work

I opened my cookie and read my fortune: "Try something new and different. You will like the results."

So far in 2017, my travels have been beaches, deserts, and now --- MOUNTAINS. I love snow, but I also feel weird in snow sometimes. The last time I ever spent with my mom, it snowed. So, that lingers...still. Never mind that I hadn't skied in over 15 years either. I imagined myself butt-sliding for three days and not being able to move at the end of the day. Turned out, I only lost a ski twice, fell a couple times, and felt pretty great. The weather couldn't have been better. Between amazing food, great friends, and uh, WHISTLER, I enjoyed this trip way more than I thought. My only qualm is not enough photography galleries or cemeteries :)

Whistler Itinerary

• Ski Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains
• Peak 2 Peak Gondola
• 7th Heaven and Inukshuk Statue
• Lift Coffee and Moguls Coffee House
• Olympic Rings at Whistler Mountain
• Lost Lake Park
• Audain Art Gallery
• Whistler Museum
• Art Gallery Row
• Upper and Lower Villages scenic walks