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Alexis Tia Music

Alexis Tia is an indie artist based in San Diego known for acoustic slap style guitar and laid back vibes. Her focus is writing music for personal and sync or film, tv, and advertising.

Alexis Tia Music

I'm an independent singer-songwriter known for melodic slap-style acoustic guitar with a unique whispery and smooth voice that puts a smile on your face. With distinctive melodies and and unconventional vocal phrasing, I've been compared to artists such as John Mayer, Ani DiFranco, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, and Tristan Prettyman.

My mission is to write and play music that inspires, paints a picture, expresses emotion lyrically and melodically, and is just what you need for your event, tv show, ad, or movie.

I'm an independent musician which means all your purchases and tips go directly to me, the artist -- not a record label, not a third party. I sing with deep appreciation of your support.

Spoken true and wonderful by a friend: To the MUSIC LOVERS --- when you dig the music, applaud loudly, fill tip jars, and buy merch! You can support my music through my virtual tip jars on my paypal or website, subscribing on YouTube, and purchasing music on Bandcamp.


Taken at my last show at UTC Westfield's Plaza Unplugged.

Taken at my last show at UTC Westfield's Plaza Unplugged.


Wednesday, May 23rd Time TBD
The Merrow
1271 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

Peace, Love, and Fingerpicking...

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