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Alexis Tia Music

Alexis Tia is an indie artist based in San Diego known for acoustic slap style guitar and laid back vibes. Her focus is writing music for personal and sync or film, tv, and advertising.


Alexis Tia Music

I'm an independent singer-songwriter known for melodic slap-style acoustic guitar. People describe my music as a mix of indie, folk, jazz, and r&b. I describe it as feel-good, fun, and chill.

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My mission is to inspire and give back to others through writing and playing music. I'm an independent musician which means all your purchases and donations go directly to me, the artist -- not a record label, not a third party.

I sing with deep appreciation of your support and love to reward my fans! When you support me via PayPal, please let me know you did so by emailing with your mailing address.

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Sat Mar 3rd 10:30am
Riffs Yoga in La Jolla

Sun Mar 11th 8:00pm
Lestat's West Venue (on Adams)
$8 cover

Wed Mar 14th 7:30pm
EMPOWER Part II - Artist Reception
Torque Moto Cafe
(music at 7:45p/8p + showing a couple original art pieces)

Sat Mar 17th 9:00pm
Grampadrew's Flim Flam Revue at The Casbah - San Diego
Flim Flam at the Casbah

Thu Mar 28th 4pm
Alexis Tia Music at UTC Plaza Unplugged

Peace, Love, and Fingerpicking...


YouTube is the first online channel I ever shared music on. My fans are super rad and I continue to upload lo-fi, casual videos of original music and cover songs. Listen to my playlist on YouTube.

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