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Alexis Tia is a San Diego marketer, photographer, and musician. She helps entrepreneurs and small business manage their core marketing channels, stand out with great product photography, and set the musical tone for an event or project.

Ciao! I'm Alexis Tia

I’m a San Diego musician, photographer (e-commerce products, brands, people), and marketing consultant with an adventurous mind. I help people tell and share their stories through marketing strategies, photography, design, and collaborating on creative projects that leave a positive and lasting imprint.


Most days you can find me working on a variety of creative projects with awesome people, slapping my six-string (her name is Betty Rae Pearl), and squeezing in sunset-fused runs on the beach. I’ll wake up at the crack of dawn for any outdoor adventure including rock climbing and hiking. And, I believe anything can be cured with an affogato (gelato and espresso).

My photography style for brands, people, and businesses is candid, natural light, in-the-moment interactions intended to capture real, not forced, moments. Most of all, I'll do my best to make you laugh and feel comfortable.

On the opposite side of the coin, my personal work is greatly influenced by film, black and white, double exposures, self-portraits and the works of Francesca Woodman, Ansel Adams, Sally Mann, Ruth Bernhard, and I could go on. A friend recently described my personal work as though I'm letting you in on a secret, or like something you stumbled upon between the pages of an old book in a bookstore.

My goal with music, photography, and creative projects is to convey genuineness and elicit feelings of gratitude for others and the world around us.

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