Alexis Tia

Alexis Tia Marketing & Creative Projects

Alexis Tia offers marketing consultation specializing in communication strategy, brand development, marketing channel management,  graphic design, and photography.


Marketing & Creative Projects

Are you ready to stand out in your business with an organized strategy and brand feel? Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation call with me and I'll let you know how I can best serve your project goals and needs.

Need a communication strategy, dialed in brand vibe, or graphic design? I help entrepreneurs and small businesses create a consistent look, feel, and messaging by laying out a plan of action and guiding them along the way. Additionally, I offer freelance design and photography for marketing and brand agencies.

Range of Services

  • Editorial calendar creation for social media and blog
  • Website content audit/updates (including lead magnet pages)
  • Graphic design (logos, marketing material, posters, social media, web, print, apparel, products)
  • Private lessons or classes for Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva
  • Brand photography projects
    (bts, campaigns, lifestyle shoots, product, employees/work)
  • Marketing/Communication campaign strategy
  • Brand audit and development
  • Content strategy development

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