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Hey, you made it to the blog! Welcome! This blog is all about creativity and inspiration. Whether it's sharing travel/personal photography (I got that darn travel bug a while ago), latest music, and client work from photography to marketing projects, I hope this blog makes you smile and spark some ideas.

Desert Portraits in Bloom • Anza-Borrego

Last Saturday I headed up to Anza-Borrego with fellow photographer Rachel for what is known as California’s Wildflower Super Bloom. In addition, we came prepared for some fun portraits with our trusty cameras and equipment. The perfect day would've been 70 degrees, clouds, and no crowds. Well, that wasn't the case and I can see you laughing at my wishful thinking now.

Overhead, direct, hot sun, shadows under the eyes. The photographer's dream, am I right? Anywho, the day turned out to be super fun shooting portraits in the desert, learning how much of a bad-ass Rachel is at scuba diving, and enjoying the desert wildflowers from Anza-Borrego all the way back to San Diego.

Hopefully these photos give you some ideas for how to work with extreme sun for your portraits and creative ways to use the scenery and elements around you to make a fantastic portrait.

Location: Anza-Borrego
Season: Spring - California Wildflower Super Bloom
Model: Rachel •

- Alexis Tia