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Hey, you made it to the blog! Welcome! This blog is all about creativity and inspiration. Whether it's sharing travel/personal photography (I got that darn travel bug a while ago), latest music, and client work from photography to marketing projects, I hope this blog makes you smile and spark some ideas.

NPR Tiny Desk Contest Entry

The month of March was a bustling month of music for me. Honestly, it felt great and has pushed me to be a better musician --- from purposeful playing, writing, and practicing to seeking and finding opportunities to say YES to!

Secretly, I've been waiting for the NPR Tiny Desk Contest to come around since I discovered it last year. I love the "unplugged" feel and truly appreciate NPR for introducing me to new bands and artists, and re-acquainting me to some of my favorites in a different way.

Below is the video and song I submitted for the NPR Tiny Desk Contest. I was pretty excited to see it on their website and look forward to hearing the results of the contest at the end of the month. Getting to tour with NPR and sponsors would be so rad! I'm manifesting, baby (where are my essential oils!!?) haha.

Wondering when I'm playing next in San Diego? Check out my music page.

Peace, love, and fingerpicking